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So you have been looking for a job for a while and you are not even getting any interviews?  You just cannot understand it. You have great work experience. You have great performance reviews and a strong history of advancement. All of this information is spelled out on your resume. What could be the problem?

The problem is your resume. Let’s take a look at the things that might be on your resume that are keeping you unemployed.

What Not to Say on Your Resume

· Abstract or Strange Objectives: These days we would recommend not even having an objective on your resume. However if you do have one make sure it is concrete, not outlandish or overconfident.

Your objective should not sound like you think you can run the company after a month or that this job is just a stepping stone to the next one. If you have a long term goal that means leaving the area of the job you are applying for, do not put that on your resume.

· Irrelevant experience: Do not list part time jobs that have nothing to do with the job you are applying for. Unless you are applying at a landscaping company do not list your part time job cutting lawns. Other irrelevant experience is something like running the office NCAA pool for ten years. Do not put this on your resume. It will cost you the job.

· Irrelevant achievements: Don’t list as achievements things that are outside of the professional or civic charity worlds. Belonging to a fraternity in college is not an accomplishment. Winning a post graduate fellowship is. At the same time if you do have relevant and important achievements, spell them out in detail. Do not say “I saved the company money”. Say how you did it and how much you saved. Say something like “Developed a process that saved the company $500,000 per year for ten years.”

· Pictures: Never put your picture on your resume. Even if you are applying for an acting job or to a modeling studio, provide your portfolio or a web page with your pictures. Pictures do not belong on the resume.

· Hobbies: It used to be really vogue to list hobbies on your resume and show that you are a well-rounded person. However hiring managers are not really interested unless your hobby directly relates to the job you are applying for. However if the hobby doesn’t relate to the job don’t list it. If you like to read great. If gardening is your thing wonderful. Just remember I am reading a hundred resumes. I don’t care about your hobbies. Don’t include it unless it is relevant.

· Personal Information: Again I am not really interested in your personal information. Don’t tell me you are married with three children. Don’t tell me your sexual preference or what church you go to. Do not list your age or political affiliations unless you are applying to be a political campaign manager. If you don’t care for the current government administration keep it to yourself if you want to land an interview. First of all it says you are unprofessional. Second you may be offending the hiring agent. Third the hiring manager does not care. Also do not include your social security number.

· Unusual or funny email addresses: Do not have an email address like smokingjoe@aol.com or gottaloveme@gmail.com These are unprofessional. Use a simple, professional email address like johndoe@gmail.com.

· Obscure words and poor grammar: Proofread, proofread, proofread. If you want your resume to be taken seriously keep it simple, fairly traditional and with correct grammar. Avoid the buzz words of your industry. Everyone multi-tasks these days and we are all team players. Stay away from these type of clichés. Use easy to read and more traditional fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial with a font of 11-12. Do not use colors or perfumes.

· High School Diploma: If you have a college degree there is no need to list this. If you do not have a college degree, but only a high school diploma, don’t advertise that fact either. So simply do not list it.

· Weaknesses: Do not share this. If you are great at Excel and Data but not so great at Word, then list Excel and Data under skills but do not mention Word until you get to the interview and they ask you about it. Even then turn your weakness into strength, but do not even mention it on the resume.

· Negative Comments: Never, ever, ever make negative comments about anything on your resume, but certainly not about your previous boss or employer. No one wants to read your complaints and you will be labeled a whiner before you ever get a chance to interview.

· Never Lie: About anything but again especially not about your credentials – your education, your achievements or your experience.  Don’t make up a salary or a job. The truth and only the truth is relevant.

If you want our resume to stand out, then do not put any of these things on it. If you want to get an interview, do not say these things on your resume.

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