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Just the right touch and format!
Says the right stuff without looking like I’m trying to hard ! Love it!
I will refer people to you Ozzie!

Thanks Again.
John Palumbo, Sales Representative

I hired Ozzie to assist me in updating my resume. I had been applying for jobs for about a year with no luck at all when I found his website. I found him very easy to talk to and pleasure to work with. I fully expected to have a quick question and answer session, then receive the resume via e-mail and that would be the end of our relationship. But Ozzie was very personable and very interested in knowing if his improvements to the resume actually worked. Our phone question and answer session was productive yet I never felt rushed. I put the “Ozzie” resume on Career Builders and I was offered a job within a week! Ozzie is also interested in the results of his updates to your resumes, if and when you do get job offers! Now that is the kind of business person I like to deal with!
I have recommended Ozzie’s services to several of my friends and family members whether they need updated or brand new resumes.

Teresa Luton, Quality Assurance Specialist

Thanks so much Ozzie, amazing job! I’ve never seen a resume as wonderful as the one you’ve done for me. Your the best. I’ll tell all my friends.

Michael Spruce, Bartender

JOB WELL DONE!!!! I just got a job offer after 3 long months of searching. Until I found your service online I was getting no call backs. Within 1 week of sending out the resume you prepared for me, I managed to book 3 interviews all for great jobs. One of the positions actually hired me after I used your interviewing tips from your interviewing e-book. I’m now working for a company I love and I enjoy getting up everyday to begin my workday with a great staff.

Thanks again Oz,
Kim Sloan, Graphic Designer

Ozzie, after I saw the work you did on my friends resume I had to try out your service myself and you didn’t disappoint. Great job. Like many others I lost my job recently and I’m finding it difficult getting responses from companies. It seems like no one is hiring. With your added touch to my resume I’m optimistic that things will change. I especially like how you went about highlighting my accomplishments. I felt like a million bucks after reading all the great things I did which I couldn’t figure out how to successfully incorporate into my resume before you came along. I’ll be telling all my friends about your resume service.

Grace Chen, Advertising Director

Hi Ozzie!
Wow – Thank you so much!
I am totally happy with what you created. This type of resume was just what I was looking for: concise, “in demand,” and relevant to my new career. Appreciate your hard work and communication, and I will recommend your service to others. I was so, so pleased with my resume. You provided an excellent service for me. Happy to tell you that I got the job I was hoping for three days after my submission with my new resume. Recent graduates have the added pressure of little to no experience in the fields of interest, so with a thoughtful, strategic resume, the options are much wider and the possibility of achieving the desired position is closer to hand.

Joy Suzanne, Psychology Researcher

Hi Ozzie,
I am very pleased with the service and really appreciate the follow up. I
will highly recommend your service to anyone I know needing help with a

Thanks Again,
Lori Shepard, Loan Officer

Hi Ozzie,
Resume looks FABULOUS! Your creative work is great! I have shown this to many friends who are VERY impressed. You did a great job. Now, for the results.

Irvin Jaffe, Accountant

I’ve shown a few friends my new resume and my old and all have said that the new one is a lot better. It is a lot more succinct and gets right to the point, highlighting my strengths.

Erin Bates, Recreation Specialist

Hi Ozzie,
Thanks again for doing such a good job. I am very pleased with the way that it was done. Since I have been sending out my new resume I have received much more feedback than I was before. Companies have had a bigger response than with my old resume. I have had a few job offers and think I am going to accept one of them this week. I hope it is as good of a job as it sounds, if not, then back to my search. I will definitely recommend your services. Thanks again.

John DiGiovanni, Manager

I want to thank you for your help with my resume. I now have a job and have been working for about a week. I had been looking for about five months. I put the old resume online and must have put it out at least fifty times. Sure is good to be working. I want you to know that I didn’t apply for this job, they found my new resume online and called me for the interview.

Thanks again
Teresa Green, Manager

Hi Ozzie,
I am very satisfied with the resume I received. Thanks again
for all your help! I got several job interviews and job offers.

Chana Weber, Licensed Behavioral Clinician