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How to Write a Resume

Learn the secrets of building successful resumes. In this free 10 page e-book, you will learn how to create resumes that win you interviews

Details listed in the book include:

  • Writing a killer cover letter
  • Structuring your resume
  • How to make yourself stand out from the crowd
  • Power action words to use in resumes

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How to Conduct an Interview

Learn the secrets of conducting successful interviews for just $9.95. In this 15 page e-book, you will learn how to perform interviews that end with you getting job offers

Details listed in the book include:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • What not to do on an interview
  • The ultimate question and answering technique
  • The one most important question you will be asked during the interview and the two most important questions to ask a hiring manager
  • 100 Interview Questions that you may be asked

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