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We have looked at the best degrees for this economy and the worst places to look for a job. Now let’s take a look at the industries with the highest employment needs and the ability to hire quickly. Even in the worst economy there are always some jobs that go wanting. This was clear even during the Great Depression. Who hired then?

“New” industries tend to do well in economic downturns and the Great Depression was no different. Industries like broadcast radio and talking cinema tended to do well during this time. A few others joined them. These were mass produced cars from a very young auto industry and air travel for the very wealthy.

So what are the industries that have stayed viable in this recession from 2007-2013 or so? Are there any differences between the industries that were hiring during the recession and those that are hiring in this almost jobless recovery?

Industries that Hired from 2007-2013

1. Google was hiring then and they are hiring now. With over $37 billion dollars in revenue Google has taken off since the auctioning of ads on searches and sites began. Google also has new products in the pipeline. So if you have IT or social media skills, Google may be for you.

2. Liquor stores always do well in hard times. It is not the kind of job that will get anyone but perhaps the owner rich, but it will keep food on the table during a recession.

3. Haircuts are always in need for both men and women no matter what the economy is like. We might pay less for a haircut but if you are considering beauty school, now would be a good time to do so. The Census Bureau reports a boom in barber shops, hairdressers and salons during the recession.

4. Pawn shops had perhaps one of their biggest booms during this time period as families struggled to make ends meet and people sold whatever they could just to keep going.  Count the gold and silver dealers in here as well.

5. Drop box is an IT company that hosts documents and data in backup on the cloud. Drop Box increased from 5 million to 25 million users in one year.

Industries with Needs Now

1. Video game development was popular during the recession and the industry still needs developers, animators and engineers. When times are hard people distract themselves with games. Once the recession is over they are hooked. Also in this jobless recession, many are still playing them while looking for a job. In 2010 the industry made $40 million and is projected to grow another 8.3% between 2010 and 2016.

2. Environment Issues are a constant regardless of the economy, but right now we are seeing a surge in development and implantation of environmental problem solving innovations. Engineers and entrepreneurs as well as major companies are designing and implementing these solutions. From windmill farms to solar farms this is an industry that is taking off.

3. The skilled trades are in need of workers according to Manpower, Inc. Specialists in HVAC, Pipefitters, Boilermakers, Plumbers and Electricians are among those in high need. We seem to have less skilled tradesmen in the United States these days so if you love to work with your hands, find yourself an apprenticeship.  It also seems that we need to increase the locations and opportunities for young people to train in these trades after high school. Training is paid and pay is good. There are also many chances to be self-employed or run your own business.

4. Transportation Industry jobs are growing and it is anticipated that they will continue to do so. The types of positions in more demand are transportation managers, analysts and warehouse coordinators. The need here is particularly due to an increase in manufacture ring. You can get into the industry as a drive and move up from there with internal training.

5. The Auto industry is in recovery and there is a demand for perhaps as many as 100,000 people in the next year or so. Sure the salaries are not what the once were but they are not minimum wage either.  Compared with other manufacturing opportunities and retail, the pay scale is very good.

6. Education is also hiring and this is great news for a professional work force. Teachers are needed in math, special education, foreign languages and bilingual teachers. It is a challenging field no doubt, but if you can handle it there are plenty of jobs there to be had. Many states are now letting people into teaching who have been professionals in other fields but now could use an alternative certification to enter the industry.

7. Health Care Industries have seen their opportunities level off but there is still a need for home health aides, nursing home aides and x-ray technicians. These jobs do not require advanced education. Health Care expects to have 600,000 jobs open between 2008-2018. With so many baby boomers aging, there will be even greater need for these types of jobs in the future. Fully half of the fastest growing industries are in health care.

There are also opportunities in engineering and customer service.