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by Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

So you have spent months on the job search. You have emailed hundred of resumes, asked all your friends and family if they know anybody that is hiring, and have even gone as far has squeezing out the words “You were right” to your ex in return for asking his or her boss if they are hiring.

Yes, you have sunk as low as you can go and are now completely out of options. But are you?

With the millions of people looking for jobs, perhaps it is time for you to try something new. Something that will if not at least get you an interview, will get you remember. Something that is so creative that it will force people to acknowledge you. Something that is just so plain and simply wacky, that hiring managers will call you for an interview just to see the exceptional brain behind this out-of-the-box wackiness, leaving them forced to sit there, staring, in awe of your glorious presence.

Here are some unconventional and interesting job search methods that will definitely serve its purpose of separating you from the crowd.

Instead of emailing your resume and cover letter, mail it in an invitational sized envelope:

Mark in big red writing INVITATION on the front of the envelope. Hiring managers will be so excited to receive your letter because really, who doesn’t want to get invited to something. Begin your cover letter by saying “It is my pleasure to invite you to an upcoming interview with myself at a date of your choosing”. Also include a small thank you card in the envelope reading “Thank you for reviewing my resume and cover letter”. This idea has worked in the past with job seekers because; One, hiring managers receive so many resumes via email that none of them stand out; Two, it is creative enough to get noticed while staying professional.

Fed-Ex your resume and cover letter in a package that includes an empty Starbucks coffee cup:

Include a small note that says “Can we meet for coffee on me. I would love to discuss your vacant position”. Really, who does this? Nobody. And who would refuse a free cup of coffee? Not me. And at five dollars a cup I want all the free Starbucks coffee that one man can handle. This idea has worked for previous job seekers for all the same reasons that the invitation idea has worked – it is creative while staying professional.

Wear your resume:

Yep, you read correctly: throw your resume over your head and strut down the street as proud as an unemployed person can be, showing off all your magnificent working credentials. Just make sure you get your resume printed off on a t-shirt first, because if you do not then you will be wacky and insane, and we are just aiming for wacky at the moment. You will be surprised at how many people will stop you on the street and read your resume while having a huge smile on their face. Just make sure you leave the house with pockets because you will need them for all the business cards you will collect – all potential career opportunities.

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Ozzie Saunds is an experienced Career Specialist who has worked with North America’s largest job board and the world’s second largest international recruitment firm. Currently the founder/owner of a successful recruitment organization he is committed to continuing his efforts of maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with.

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