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by Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

During economic downturns hiring managers can find themselves overwhelmed with resumes from eager candidates. With added competition in the workforce, it is essential that job seekers apply additional proven techniques to separate themselves from all other applicants, helping them to finish first, winning their desired position. In hard times, the job search is much more of a marathon than a sprint, but by incorporating the following techniques into your job search strategy, you’ll find yourself a few strides closer to the finish line.

1. Network both in person and over the Internet:

Networking is still the best way to find a job. Make sure everyone within your network knows that you’re looking for an opportunity and to keep their eyes and ears open for you. A vast amount of job openings are not publicly announced but are instead filled through word of mouth. When networking, try and avoid talking endlessly about your needs and your wants. Instead, put the focus on learning about the other person. People want to work with people that they can get along with and who are friendly. By showing interest in the other person you one, learn about their individual or company needs and can then relate your strengths to their needs afterwards and two, demonstrate that you’re personable and sociable. After you meet new people make sure you follow up with a quick email the following day telling them how great it was to meet and chat with them. Make sure you stay in contact which brings me to the topic of internet social networking.

Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter make it easy to stay in contact with your network of friends and career associates. With a click of a button you can notify your complete network of what you have to offer. If your not already on these websites you should sign up for an account today. But beware. A CareerBuilder.com survey found that 22% of all hiring managers visit these social networking websites to gain information on potential employees. More than a third of employers that checked profiles said they had found content that disqualified a potential hire because of drinking or using drugs, posting inappropriate photographs and displaying poor grammar. So word of advice, keep the weekend in Las Vegas pictures in your album at home.

2. Tailor your resume to each employer with the focus on accomplishments:

Make sure you thoroughly read the job posting you are responding to and keep a close eye on the job requirement section. Does your resume have each of the required skills listed in it? Take it one step further and ask yourself, “Does my resume illustrate how I’ve utilized each of the required skills in my past employment?” If you haven’t done this not only will you miss out on a call back from the hiring manager, but your resume won’t even make it passed the computer screening to be seen by human eyes. Next, when writing your resume, stand out by highlighting your accomplishments, achievements and awards. Don’t just include what your role was but say what you were able to accomplish in that role. This will set yourself apart from other candidates applying for the same position who may have comparable experiences to yours.

3. Learn about the employer:

Before the interview, make sure you’ve done your research. When the hiring manager asks that vital question “What do you know about our company?” you should be able to display your enthusiasm for the job by talking about their company strengths, competitors and possible challenges. How can you communicate to them that you have the ability to add value if you haven’t done any research to know what they consider valuable?

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Ozzie Saunds is an experienced Career Specialist who has worked with North America’s largest job board and the world’s second largest international recruitment firm. Currently the founder/owner of a successful recruitment organization he is committed to continuing his efforts of maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with.

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