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by Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

One of the most difficult stages of the hiring process is the interview. For a job seeker this can be an extremely nerve-racking experience. The most worrisome part of the interview, for many candidates, is when they have the opportunity to ask the questions. You know it’s recommended that you ask something, but what exactly should you ask? These are the 2 questions that will increase your chances of ending the interview with you getting a job offer.

Before asking your questions, it is best to do a quick 30-second recap on the information that was provided to you by the hiring manager. This will show that you were listening during the interview and will make your set of questions more powerful because they will be perceived as well thought out, rather than rehearsed.

After the recap ask this question and you will be considered a desirable job candidate that can make an impact by solving problems.

Question 1: What is the biggest challenge right now in the department that I am applying for?

Companies are constantly facing new types of challenges in reaching their goals. If they say they do not have any challenges, either one, they do not have any goals and you should re-consider working for them, or two, you are not dealing with a knowledgeable hiring manager.

If you can successfully relate your answer to this question to a similar problem in your past employment history, you have just dramatically increased your chances of getting the job!

Example: Your Question: “What is your biggest challenge right now in the department that I am applying for?”

Possible Hiring Manager Answer: “I just do not have enough IT professionals senior IT staff to take this company to the next level and to reach our goals.”

Your Answer: “I was in this same situation at Thompson Software. It caused IT staff to work extra hours, become overwork, and was resulting in increased turn over causing an even greater shortage of IT people.

What I did was implement a mentorship program within the IT department to allow an ongoing transfer of knowledge between all IT staff.

This actually increased the IT staffs’ abilities and knowledge which resulted in increased productivity. I THINK I WOULD BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME FOR YOUR COMPANY.”

Question 2: Do you have any concerns about hiring me?

This question should be the very last question that you ask during the interview and is a must ask question for every interview that you do. You cannot be afraid to ask it.

First, it shows your enthusiasm about doing the job. Second, it helps you find out if the hiring manager has any concerns while you are still interviewing.

By asking this during the interview it gives you the opportunity to ease his/her concerns. Once you leave the interview room if the hiring manager has any concerns, the only thing you will hear is, “sorry you did not get the job.” If you ask this important question during the interview you have the ability to discuss why their concerns should not be an issue.

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Ozzie Saunds is an experienced Career Specialist who has worked with North America’s largest job board and the world’s second largest international recruitment firm. Currently the founder/owner of a successful recruitment organization he is committed to continuing his efforts of maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with.

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