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by Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

With the emergence of the social media age, the ability for hiring mangers to find out who you are is as easy as a couple clicks of the keyboard. So easy, in fact, that many industry experts have suggested that resumes will soon become obsolete. If a hiring manager wants to know if they should be hiring someone, all they will need to know is their first and last name. Forget about needing a resume with prior work experience, education, and accomplishments, it will all be considered pointless! Is this the wave of the future all because of a famous invention called Google? Current trends suggest that perhaps it might just be.

Let’s think about it:

As a salesperson or an HR professional, if you are Googled and do not have a Linkedin profile, hiring managers may think: How large is this person’s network? Can they successfully build enough relationships to drive sales forward or increase human capital? Perhaps I should hire someone who does have a Linkedin profile to ensure I am hiring someone with a large network that will add value to my business.

As a web developer, designer, marketing executive, or photographer, if you are Googled and do not have a blog or website, then hiring managers and potential clients may think: How serious is this person about their career if they do not showcase their work online? Perhaps I should hire someone who does have a blog or website to ensure I am hiring someone with proven experience.

If you are in the entertainment industry, event marketing or journalism and you are Googled and you do not have a YouTube video showcasing your work, then hiring managers may think: Can this person really deliver and create an engaging product, service, or media outlet? Perhaps I should hire someone who does have a video on YouTube to ensure I am hiring someone who may be more likely to impact an audience because their video impacted me.

So how do we prepare for this possible new wave of the future? Get on Linkedin and start building relationships. Start a blog or website and write about your industry, showcasing your ongoing work contributions so that you can become known as an industry expert. Get on Twitter and start tweeting about topics related to your industry. Purchase your url www.(firstname)(lastname).com so you can work on a well branded domain.

Here is a perfect example of how to do just that:

Meet Al Biedrzycki, a very creative marketing executive. He recently finished college and needed a job, so he took proactive steps to brand himself online. He registered his name for his url domain, developed a blog along with a website, and to show off his great marketing creativity, he created a YouTube video titled “Hire me”. In a little over 8 months it has picked up over 20,000 views and has even received coverage by CNN. It seems like he is no longer looking for a job – with his name now so well branded, he started his own company. Enjoy!

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Ozzie Saunds is an experienced Career Specialist who has worked with North America’s largest job board and the world’s second largest international recruitment firm. Currently the founder/owner of a successful recruitment organization he is committed to continuing his efforts of maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with.

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