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by Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

Do you find yourself sitting in the interview chair with this blank look on your face after you’ve been asked an interview question? One of the best ways to secure a job is by showing confidence and superior communication skills during your interview. You show confidence by being firm and giving straight to the point answers without dancing around the question being asked. You show superior communication skills by being capable of having a consistently flowing conversation with the hiring manager. The best approach to answering interview questions from hiring managers is the Context, Action and Results technique. Use this C.A.R. technique to answer interview questions and you’ll increase your chances of getting that job offer.

This formula will greatly assist you in becoming an effective “storyteller” while discussing your past experience and successes. It works very well with answering behavioral based interview questions.

Context = The contexts of the situation or task
First, you give the hiring manager a brief description of the situation that you were in.

Action = What is done and how is it done?
Second, you describe the specific steps and strategy you implemented to deal with the above situation.

Results = Effects of the action taken
Third, you explain the results of the actions that you took and its positive outcome.

Question: “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer.”


“When I was working at Johnson Business Gifts one of our customers didn’t receive her gifts for her Christmas mail-out campaign and called me, yelling and screaming because it was a rush order and their was no time left to resend the order. The interesting thing is she had given me the incorrect address”.


“I took the customer is always right approach and just listened to all the negative remarks that the customer had to say about our company. When she was done, I sympathize with her and simply asked, “Is their anything we can do to make you a more happy customer and improve the situation?” She said, “No I’ll never use your company again”. I suggested that instead of Christmas gifts, why don’t you give them out as New Years presents, wishing everyone a good start to the year. I also suggested that she slip a calendar in the mail-out campaign with her company logo on it so people could see her company image through-out the year”.


“The customer provided me with the correct address so that we could re-send the order, plus she increased the order to include the calendars. The whole deal turned out to be the biggest order for Johnson Business Gifts for the whole year”.

This formula for answering questions during an interview will display your confidence in your own abilities while keeping the conversation consistently flowing.

In some situations during interviews you will need some time to think of the best way to begin your answering of the questions by first putting the question into context. The most effective way to buy time, giving you the opportunity to think of how to begin your answer, is by repeating the question back to the hiring manager while thinking of how you will begin answering the question at the same time. If you feel like the question was difficult to answer, tell the hiring manager that the question is difficult and that you’d like to think about that one for a bit, just don’t sit in your interview chair searching for the answer in silence. Make sure your conversation is consistently flowing in order to display your communication skills.

By following the C.A.R. technique you will increase your interview to job offer ratio. Use this technique and quickly become that job candidate, sitting in interview with the hiring manager, telling you why he wants you to join the team and start working with them tomorrow instead of you spending hours trying to convince the hiring manager why they should want to hire you.

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Ozzie Saunds is an experienced Career Specialist who has worked with North America’s largest job board and the world’s second largest international recruitment firm. Currently the founder/owner of a successful recruitment organization he is committed to continuing his efforts of maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with.

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