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Welcome to the final article in The Resume Series. This series has covered the process of writing resumes for some very specific and a little out of the ordinary situation. So far we have covered the situations and written sample resumes for:

1. An experienced lawyer changing from Criminal Law to Personal Injury Law after 10 years.

2. An experienced Human Resources Manager of 24 years with several gaps in his work history.

3. Entry level Stanford student with strong grades and internship but had been looking for over a year.

4. Experienced not for profit manager looking to make a move into for profit business management. She was working on her MBA.

Today we will look at the 5th situation and the 5th candidate who is a Call Center Manager.


Today’s candidate has been a Call Center Manager for 3 years, but she has worked in call centers for 12 years. Her call center recently closed and she was laid off. She is looking for another call center manager position.

Questions to Ask about Resume Format:

· So what is the right resume for this person? She has a moderate amount of experience, but she has not been a manager that long.

All of her experience is in the same field and she wants the same kind of job. Given this her situation lends itself to the traditional chronological resume in ways none of our other candidate’s did.

· What is the most important information in this resume? Accomplishments, accomplishments, accomplishments!

· She has been focused on her career and so her outside activities and training are all centered on the job and should be included.

Given this information this is how her resume might look.

Janice Doeme

Email address

Phone number

Website address

Professional Overview

I am a high energy professional who understands that customer service in any call center requires a sales orientation. With 12 years of call center experience as a representative and 3 as a manager, I bring expertise, a record of success and a strong knowledge of the technology to my next employer. With these traits I can make an important contribution to your company.


Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Organization and Management, 1999

Purdue University

Lafayette, Indiana


XYZ Communications 2003 – Present

Pittsburgh, PA

Call Center Manager 2011 – Present

Managed and supervised a 120 seat customer service and sales call center.

Recruited and hired center staff

Increased revenue by 23% each year since 2011.

Reduced turnover by 17% in 2013, 15% in 2012 and 35% in 2011

Cut budget over 3 year period by 19%

Call Center Representative 1999 – 2011

Top revenue generator 9 of 11 years.

Highest revenue production ever by center rep in 2009

Handles maximum allowed 22 calls per hour

Received Best Customer Service Award three consecutive year 2008-2011


Expert with Call Center CSM and RSM call center technologies

Monitor center rep calls and grade their customer service

Expert at remote call technology and predictive dialer technology

Provides monthly call analytics to upper management


2011- Present Chair of American Association of Call Center Managers

2001-2004 Rep to Association of Customer Service Representatives

You can see how traditional and chronological this resume is. This is the only candidate we had that could benefit most from the chronological resume.