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Are you spending days, weeks and months sitting around waiting for a telephone call, for that interview you wanted, but the phone refuses to ring? Get a resume that wins you interviews and get that job!

You read an exciting job posting and apply, hoping to get a response from the company, but unfortunately you’re left feeling frustrated, thinking days later, “How come they didn’t phone me about the position after I sent them my resume?”

The employment hiring process is filled with disappointment and millions of people suffer through this process every single day.

Sometimes, a really qualified candidate can be overlooked. With more than 100 resumes being sent to a hiring manager each day, a qualified candidate with poor resume writing skills, can be overlooked for that position they applied for.

At the beginning of my professional career, sitting down in front of my computer, night after night, sending resume after resume, to job posting after job posting, became my daily ritual.

My bills were beginning to pile up, and I couldn’t find money to pay my rent because I had just lost my job. I was convinced that I didn’t have enough experience or the smarts to get anybody interested in me.

With all the extra time I had on my hands, I spent countless hours in front of my television, watching shows and movies of all these happy people with great jobs. This made me overwhelmingly depressed because it seemed like everybody else was living amazing lives and I couldn’t get one interview.

My career and my life were going nowhere.  Everyday my family and friends would ask me how I was doing with my job search, leaving me with empty answers.

It seemed like I’d never get a job. All I wanted was the opportunity to prove to my family, friends and most importantly myself, that I could bring value to a company, that I could be someone important, that I could pay my bills, but that opportunity seemed like it would never come.

It was horrible!

I knew that if given the chance I’d be successful. Deep down inside I knew the problem couldn’t be me, I knew that the problem must be my resume. In order to get that job I had to find resume writing help.

I started my search for resume writing help by using the web, looking for resume writing tips which could assist me with resume writing.

PROBLEM #1 – The resume writing tips that I found on the web provided a “one size fits all” solution to resume writing problems. A great sales resume doesn’t look like a great IT resume and a great customer service resume doesn’t look like a great retail resume. A great resume from a recent university graduate doesn’t look anything like a great resume from a person with over 10 years of experience. Everyone’s knowledge, abilities and work experience are different and in order to highlight different strengths a different type of resume has to be written for different individuals.

PROBLEM #2– There were simply too many websites to choose from and based on my limited resume writing knowledge, I didn’t know which ones where bad and which ones were good. I was forced to go from website to website, spending hours reading some bad advice here and some more bad advice there.

After spending more unsuccessful weeks trying to get a call back from employers after using the resume that I revised myself, I decided to seek advice from an individual Career Specialist who had expertise in resume writing.

PROBLEM #1 – The resume writing professional didn’t have experience with deciding who gets interviewed and who gets hired. They had never worked as a human resource manager or a recruiter, deciding who gets call backs, by actually making the call back themselves.

PROBLEM #2 – The resume writing professional wasn’t knowledgeable with the functions of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and resume databases (RDB). Some of the resume writing professionals didn’t even know what they were.

ATS’s are a type of computer software system that enables hiring managers to file and sort all the resumes sent from job candidates. When you visit a company website and see a job posting on their career section, and apply using their company website submission process, your resume is being sent through the organization’s ATS system and your resume then gets ranked by this ATS. The ATS advises the hiring manager whether it’s worth their time to actually open your resume which is now among the hundreds of other resumes. If you can get ATS to rank your resume at a higher level and get your name to the top of the list, you will increase your chances of being called for an interview and getting a job.

RDB’s are used by companies for locating top qualified candidates. Once the RDB’s suggests a name and resume through their ranking systems, the hiring manager views it and then makes a phone call to the potential job candidate for an interview. These RDB’s, which are created by online job boards, are sold to organizations, for the purpose of locating great talent. You will increase your chances of getting a job if you can get your name and resume to the top of these RDB’s.

After months of searching for a job and unpaid bills, I found a Career Specialist who actually worked with one of the most popular online job boards. This Career Specialist also had experience making decisions on who gets the interview and who gets hired. After he revised my resume, I managed to get an interview and an amazing job!

I ended up working at the largest online job board in North America! After working there, I moved on to another amazing job, as a recruiter, at the world’s second largest staffing firm. I never imagined that after spending all those worrisome nights, viewing job posting after job posting online, that after seeking professional resume writing help, I’d end up working for the very same job board I was spending sleepless nights on. Getting a job, which included the responsibilities of choosing who gets interviewed and hired, was unthinkable.

The information and the resume service I provide on this website is the same insider information and resume writing service that helped to turn my career in the right direction.

  • This resume service will provide you with a professionally written resume increasing the amount of call backs you receive for interviews.
  • I do not provide a factory-style approach, “one size fits all”, resume writing service. Your resume will be written to suit your specific needs.
  • Your resume will be optimized for RDB’s and ATS’s. By taking advantage of my own staffing and employment experience working with online job boards, you will increase your own chances of getting interviews when submitting your resume through the computer software review process.
  • My technique, for improving rankings on Applicant Tracking Systems, will work with the majority of organizations that use ATS. My technique, for improving rankings with Resume Databases will work with all major job boards, including Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo Jobs, Dice, etc…
  • Writing resumes that are optimized for ATS and RDB can make a big difference in getting that job. It’s the difference between a hiring manager seeing your name with 5 stars next to it, meaning “open this resume now” and your name with 1 star next to it, meaning “don’t waste your time viewing this resume”.

Keep in mind that my resume writing service isn’t the magical “fix all” solution and like anything else, it has its limitations.

For example, if a job prospect has greater years of experience, it allows for more room to improve rankings, which means that not every resume can be turned into a 5-star resume.

A recent graduate resume can be transformed from a 2-star resume into a 4-star resume but, I have greater success in creating a 5-star resume from an experienced worker, who previously had a 2-star resume.

I can’t create a 5-star resume for every individual I work with and, by no means, do I claim I have the ability of doing just that.

Also, after having an amazing new resume, you still have to perform an amazing interview to land the job that you really want.


I look forward to helping you secure your next job.


Ozzie Saunds
Career Specialist

P.S. –

I know that searching for a job can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences that we have to face and that ordering a service online from someone you don’t really know can be scary.

Throughout my career I’ve not only helped people write their resume, I’ve also recruited them and placed them within leading organizations. Before my career found its right path forward, I too felt the pains of searching for a job, for what seemed like forever. I simply want to help people that are in the same situation that I was in. I know that what I’m providing here will help you enormously, just like how it helped me.

As an added benefit, feel free to receive a free copy of my e-book “How to Write Your Resume” by clicking on the following link.
How to Write Your Resume – free e-book!

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll reply within 24hours.

I hope I’ve inspired you to achieve greatness!